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I just used it [Marine Complex Facial Mask] yesterday and it was amazing!!


I like how creamy it [Bio Clear Facial Mask] is and how it doesn’t harden and flake up like most masks. My skin feels extremely soft and hydrated, and it’s glowing. 


Great soothing product [Super Fruits Facial Mask] ! I recommend people try out one of the mask!


Had the pleasure of meeting this beauty, she introduced me to Super Fruits Antioxidant Facial Treatment. Can I tell you that I love it!!!


Very Professional and Attentive Customer service when inquiring about ordering a product! I used both the Bioclear and Superfruits masks and immediately noticed a difference with my skin! Highly recommend Mask Off Beauty to all skin types 


Loving my Bio Clear mask. Feels and smells so good. The perfect ending to a stressful day, always.


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