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My Story


The Birth of Mask Off Beauty:

Between the ages 18-25 I subscribed to the “pill” for both a medical condition and to prevent pregnancy. For many women, one of the positive side effects of birth control pills is that it can work wonders for clearing up acne. Once I completed college I decided to discontinue using the “pill” but didn’t know I had signed up for chronic breakouts.

To fix this I eliminated soda, sugary drinks, candies, etc. from my diet. This change seemed to help a little but the improvements weren’t significant. Frustrated I started using makeup to cover what I saw as imperfections. At the time I thought I was fly, but in hindsight my contour probably looked more like bozo the clown.

Then one day in 2014 my sister invited me to take a skin care class at a national retailer. During this course I was exposed to serums, mask, and other products to care for my skin. I had a light bulb moment and decided to get serious about properly caring for my skin. After two years of learning and practicing DIY face care techniques I had a breakthrough and achieved clearer healthier skin. I felt liberated from makeup and breakouts so I started working on a brand that could give others this same freedom. I focused the next 10 months on which skincare products to offer, key ingredients, branding, etc. Then I finally launched Mask Off Beauty during the 2018 Columbus, Ohio startup week.